Emerson Keppler, Artist & Graphic Designer  

I am an independent Graphic Designer currently working as the Web/Graphics Designer for ZED Digital in Columbus, OH.  I also do design work for Robles Designs in Columbus, OH. I was previously the Graphic Designer for the City of Gahanna, Department of Parks & Recreation in Gahanna, OH. I have been steadily working professionally since I graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2017. Let's talk art, music, or sports!
- Emerson

Graphic design, UX/UI, photography, logos & icons, web interfaces, layouts, social media, advertising & marketing campaigns, public speaking, creative direction & solutions, branding, project management, email communications, reports, promotional materials, painting, printmaking, illustration,  Wordpress.

Proficient with Mac and PC, & Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign.
I also create art through traditional mediums.

Brainstorming, Drawing, Mind-Mapping, just getting ideas out, if you want to talk art, design, music, sports etc.

I will think creatively for your project to WOW you and more importantly, FIND SOLUTIONS!

Emerson Keppler, 2019


Highly Recommended Website Maker - https://www.roblesdesigns.com

Awesome Co-Working space in Columbus - https://www.havencolumbus.com/

Government / Transit / Software - https://zed.digital/

My favorite Columbus, OH Printer - https://www.monkscopyshop.com/

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