Graphic Designer 
YellowBird, Phoenix, AZ

In-House Graphic Designer for Phoenix, AZ start-up company YellowBird. Specializing in matching EHS Industry Workers to Companies. Company Branding, Logos, Newsletters, Web Graphics, Signage, Prints / Layouts, Motion Graphics, GIF's, and Social Media Graphics.

Website Homepage Mockup for

App User Flow - New Company Signup Mockup

'Mock OSHA Inspection' Motion Graphic for Online Use

Safety That Soars Infographic

Postcard for the Pros

Various Safety Messaging Graphics for Social Media and Online Usage

I created YellowBird branded GIF files to bring more life into a safety-focused online presence. GIFs are more engaging than static graphics as they utilize motion and time, two more dimensions to convey a feeling or purpose.  

Canary in a Coal Mine Logos I designed for the YellowBird Podcast. As well as creating the visual YellowBird brand extension aspect of the podcast, I also edit and produce the audio files that become what is an episode. 

All meetings at the YellowBird office reside in one of two conference rooms, The Perch or The Roost.

More Social Media Graphics

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